Driving test with James

Analysis of James' driving test.

A closer look at the driving faults.

Have a look at the video of James taking his mock driving test below and after we'll analyse his driving faults in more detail and explain why he got the faults that he did.

Your examiner on your driving test might not spot every fault that you make.

The good thing about taking a mock driving test is to find out how ready you are to drive on your own and to experience driving test conditions. Learn from any mistakes and go on to pass the real driving test.

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Why did James get the driving faults?

UK mock driving test with James

1st driving fault at 7:16. Use of mirrors: change speed.

James slowed down because a parked car was sticking out into the road. He should have checked his interior mirror to make sure it was safe to slow down.

James got his 4th driving fault for this at 25:38.



2nd driving fault at 13:22. Signals: necessary.

James was leaving a roundabout and didn't signal to let other road users know. This would of especially helped traffic joining the roundabout.

UK driving test with James

Check behind before reversing

3rd driving fault at 22:33. Turn in the road: Observation.

James was reversing but didn't go into reverse gear properly. This wasn't a problem, but after he'd put it back in reverse he forgot to check over his left shoulder out of the back window as something might have changed.

James got his 4th driving fault for use of mirrors: change speed as explained above.

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5th driving fault at 26:50. Use of mirrors: change direction.

A parked car was obstructing the road. James should have checked his mirrors before going around the car as there might have been someone overtaking him.

Wrong gear for bend


Serious fault at roundabout

1st serious driving fault at 27:30. Signals: correctly.

James had to follow the road sign towards Addington. The sign showed that he had to follow the road ahead, 2nd exit. Unfortunately he signalled right on approach to the roundabout. This might have confused other road users into thinking that he's taking an exit to the right of the roundabout.

6th driving fault at 28:34. Use of mirrors: signalling.

Before leaving a roundabout you should check your mirrors and then signal. Signals before mirrors was James' 6th driving fault.

Check mirrors before signal

Serious fault at roundabout

7th driving fault at 30:02. Moving off: control.

Time for a hill start. As James released the handbrake the car rolled back slightly. This little roll back was enough for a driving fault.

8th driving fault at 30:49. Junctions: observation.

Before emerging left out of a junction you should at least double check to your right just in case that you've missed something.

Observe correctly at junctions

Thanks to James!

James was brave to let us film his mock driving test and share it with you. Congratulations to James on passing his driving test the week after this was filmed, first time with only one driving fault! Keep up the safe driving.

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