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Road transport is estimated to contribute about one fifth of the carbon dioxide produced in the UK. Carbon dioxide being linked to the 'greenhouse effect'.

Unfortunately, driving is all part of modern living and for many driving is essential.

But, there are ways to limit the impact on the environment.

Try to cut down on short journeys as this causes a large amount of pollution. Cold engines produce 60% more pollution than a warm one. If possible always try to walk, cycle or use public transport for short trips (school, shops, etc.).

Always plan your journey in advance, taking the shortest and most direct route. Car share if possible with others especially if commuting to the same place of work. Take advantage of any park and ride schemes in place in your town.

Avoid harsh acceleration and braking which also wastes fuel.

Switch the engine off when stuck in major traffic. An idle engine for five minutes uses as much fuel as driving half a mile.

Remove roof racks and any carriers when not in use as this increases drag which also makes your drive less efficient. Also driving with the window open increases drag and lowers fuel economy.

Regular servicing of your car can help improve your fuel economy by up to 10% or more. Catalytic converters are exhaust treatment systems that help reduce nasty pollutants from your engine by up to 75% but only if they are properly maintained. Keep tyre pressures checked. As well as potentially being dangerous and illegal they will wear quicker and reduce fuel economy.

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