Car key won't turn

Ignition car key won't turn?

Have you ever tried to start your car but you can't turn the key and it feels like it's jammed? You might take the key out and try it a different way in but it still won't turn?

Well this probably means that the steering column lock has been engaged and you won't be able to turn the steering wheel, it's an anti-theft device.

Don't worry, it's easy to disengage.

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Video on how to disengage the steering column lock

Steering column lock

How to disengage the steering column lock.

Gently try and turn the key and at the same time with your other hand turn the steering wheel a little left and right a couple of times until the steering wheel unlocks and the key turns normally. Easy when you know how.

The steering column lock is engaged if you take the key out and turn the steering wheel, this is normally done by accident when you move the steering wheel as you get out of the car.

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