Parallel parking in a tight space

How to reverse park/parallel park in a tight space.

In the video below we show you how to reverse park also known as parallel parking in a tight space between 2 cars. If you hate reverse parking then the tips below will hopefully help.

We'll be using the 1-2-1 method which will be explained. But because everyone steers and reverses at different speeds, it's important not to rely 100% on any method but use your own judgement and in the video below we'll show you how to do that.

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Video on how to reverse/parallel park in a tight space.

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How to reverse park in a tight gap

When to turn left

Tips to help.

Tip 1: You can move your left hand door mirror down slightly to get a good view of the kerb to help when you're reversing but for the safety of others and so you don't hit the vehicle behind make sure that you don't stare at it.

Tip 2: Make sure that the space you choose is at least about 1 and a half car lengths. Don't forget you'll need room to maneuver forward back out again after and the drivers of the other parked vehicles need room to maneuver out as well and we don't want any bumps.

Tip 3: When to turn left into the space might look different for you as it varies from car to car and your seat position but you can see on the picture to the left when I've started to turn.

The front of the car swings out when you steer left, so make sure no one's approaching.

Once it's safe, as soon as you move the car steer one whole turn to the left to get the rear of the car in.

Reference point for parallel parking


Tip 4: Once you're at a 45 degree angle and you can see this triangle in the mirror, steer 2 quick whole turns to the right. This brings the front in. Make sure that the front of your car isn't going to hit the other vehicle. If you think it will then don't risk it and drive forward out if it's safe and either start again or find a different space.

Tip 5: Once your cars straight with the vehicle in front and parallel with the kerb, steer one whole turn to the left.

Tip 6: If you're close to the vehicle behind then pull forward a little to give them room to manoeuvre out. But remember that you'll need room to maneuver out as well.

Don't forget all the reference points shown might be slightly different for you.


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Other manoeuvres that are not tested but recommended to practise are the 'turn in the road' and the 'reversing around a corner' exercise.

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