Width limits

Width limits.

Width limits, width restrictions, whatever you want to call them, they can look a bit scary for a new driver.

In this video we'll have a look at three techniques that can help you judge the width of your car and make driving through these width restrictions a bit easier.

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How to judge the width of your car - width limits video

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Width restriction sign


Reference point when driving through a witch limit

Width limits.

The sign on the left means no vehicles over the maximum width shown.

But how can this car fit through such a tight gap? Well I'm driving an average sized car but if you're driving something bigger then make sure the vehicle isn't wider than the width limit.

One way drive through these is to almost get into a parked position briefly as you drive through. Not in a parked position though because when you park close to the kerb your mirror will overhang the kerb which is where the post might be and you could hit it as you drive through.

In a parked position, look where the kerb disappears into the front of the car. This is your parking reference point.

When you drive though the width restriction, get the kerb a little to the left of your parking point. But don't stare at this point as you drive through as you don't want to crash into anything but just have a quick glance.

To make it easier, try and drive through straight and not at an angle. Obviously it's easier to judge these when you approach and drive though slowly.

Peripheral vision


Width limit post close to the right

Other ways to judge the width.

Another way to do it is to look ahead and use your peripheral vision. Which is the area of eyesight outside of the central field of sharply defined vision.

Again, drive though the width restriction slowly to get used to it.

The final technique that can help with these width restrictions is to get the post on the right close but not too close to your right hand mirror. It's easier to judge as you're sitting near it. If it's close to the right mirror then it'll be OK on the left. But don't get it too close to the right hand mirror as you don't want to hit and it might be worth a quick glance to the left mirror to make sure it's OK there. As always, don't stare at anything, quick glances, and look ahead.

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