Wrong way on the driving test

What happens if you go the wrong way on the driving test off route?

Here's a quick tip that might save you from failing your driving test.

Imagine you're on your driving test. You're following directions from the sat nav, and so far, everything's going well.

The sat nav is telling you to follow the road ahead at the roundabout 2nd exit. You choose the left-hand lane but then notice that the markings show that the left-hand lane is for turning left and not for going ahead. You're in the wrong lane. Would you know what to do if this happened to you on the driving test?

Watch the video or read below to find out.


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What to do if you get in the wrong lane on the driving test video

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Can I go the wrong way on the driving test?

Wrong lane on the driving test

Will you fail the driving test for being in the wrong lane?

If you end up in the wrong lane then you can either:

1. Signal right and wait for someone to let you change lanes.

2. Follow the road ahead the road in the wrong lane.

3. Check the mirrors, signal left, and turn left, 1st exit.

Hopefully, you said to turn left. You'd check the mirrors, signal left and turn left.

It's not ideal, but at least you haven't done anything dangerous and you won't fail your driving test or get any faults. You'd do the same even if you weren't on the driving test. The examiner or sat nav will redirect you back on route.




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