How to approach and be ready for roundabouts

How to approach roundabouts & be prepared.

Explore the essential technique for approaching roundabouts.

Instead of solely focusing straight ahead, as some inexperienced drivers do, we'll guide you on looking ahead and to the right in advance.

This proactive approach ensures you're not only prepared to stop but also ready to seize opportunities to navigate the roundabout smoothly.

Learn the significance of maintaining position, checking zebra crossings, and assessing potential gaps on your way to the roundabout.

We share practical tips, like planning to stop while remaining prepared to go, and emphasise the ease of navigating roundabouts without unnecessary stops.

Watch the video below for specific scenarios, such as turning left or going ahead, where we demonstrate the importance of continuous observation, signaling, and maintaining awareness of your surroundings.

Improve your roundabout navigation skills and make the right moves at the right time for a safer and more efficient driving experience.

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How to approach roundabouts and be prepared video.

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