driving test with David

Motor-cyclist takes a mock driving test.

Real-time fault marking and commentary.

Full motorbike licence holder David has a driving test coming up and wants to do a mock test.

But does he have the skills to pass the test safely?

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Thank you David for taking part in this filmed mock driving test!

We let David have this filmed mock driving test experience for free. If you would like to know more about possibly taking a mock driving test for YouTube then have a look here.

Let's dive into the pros and cons of a fully licensed motorcyclist opting to take a driving test.


  1. Expanded Skill Set: Taking a driving test opens up a new dimension of driving skills. It enhances your understanding of road rules and traffic situations, contributing to an overall improvement in your driving abilities.

  2. Increased Road Awareness: Transitioning from a motorcycle to a car can heighten your awareness of the road. You'll start viewing traffic from a different perspective, making you a more cautious and observant driver.

  3. Versatility: Being licensed for both motorcycles and cars gives you the flexibility to choose the most suitable vehicle for different situations. It's a practical advantage, especially in unpredictable weather conditions.


  1. Time and Cost: Undergoing another driving test means investing additional time and money. It might be seen as an inconvenience, especially if you're already an experienced and confident motorcyclist.

  2. Risk of Developing Mixed Habits: Riding a motorcycle and driving a car require different sets of skills and habits. There's a risk of developing mixed habits that might not align with the specific requirements of each vehicle.

  3. Possibility of Overconfidence: If you're an experienced motorcyclist, there's a chance of feeling overconfident during the car driving test. It's essential to approach the test with an open mind, acknowledging the differences between the two modes of transportation.

In conclusion, the decision to take a driving test as a fully licensed motorcyclist comes down to personal preferences and the value you see in expanding your driving skills. It's a journey that offers both advantages and challenges, so weigh the pros and cons to make an informed choice.

World Driving provide driving lessons in Beckenham.

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