Driving test with Perry

Analysis of Perry's mock driving test.

A closer look at the driving faults.

Have a look at the video of Perry taking his mock driving test below and after we'll analyse his driving faults in more detail and explain why he got the faults.

The examiner on your driving test might not think that every mistake you make is big enough for a fault.

The benefit of taking a mock driving test is to find out how ready you are to drive on your own and to experience driving test conditions. Learn from any mistakes and go on to pass the real driving test and be a safe driver.


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Why did Perry get the driving faults?

UK mock driving test with Perry

1st driving fault at 4:42. Signals: timed.

Signalling too early might mislead another road user into thinking that you're taking another road, stopping on the left or you've just indicated by accident.

2nd driving fault at 7:18. Gears.

The car struggled uphill after Perry slowed down for a speed hump in 3rd gear. Slowing down and then changing down to 2nd gear for the speed hump and hill would have helped the car.

Gear fault

Signals when necessary.

3rd driving fault at 9:32. Signals: necessary.

When stopping on the left and there is someone around to benefit from a signal then you must signal.

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4th driving fault at 18:38. Signals: correctly.

Perry had to follow the road ahead at the roundabout towards Purley. The examiner said that he should use the right hand lane for following the road ahead as the road markings had faded away but Perry signalled right. No signal was needed on approach as other road users might have thought he was driving round the roundabout to an exit on the right. Luckily no one was nearby to be misled by his signal.

Signals correctly.

Coasting in neutral

5th driving fault at 30:08. Gears.

Driving in neutral is called coasting. This can make you lose a little control as the car could speed up. Only use neutral when you're stationary.

Thanks to Perry!

Perry was brave to let us film his mock driving test and share it with you. A big congratulations to Perry on passing his driving test a month after this was filmed with only four driving faults! Keep up the safe driving.

4 driving faults

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