How to do change gear smoothly

How to change down gear smoothly

Have you ever felt a little bump when you change down gears or the car jerks? In the video below we look at how to get rid of that bump and have super smooth gear changes that your passengers will especially appreciate.

How to change down gear smoothly is something that takes time to master whilst learning to drive.

When changing down gears you'll either apply a little pressure on the accelerator pedal or foot brake depending on the situation. You would normally slow down before changing down to the desired gear (for example before a turn or roundabout) or you could change down gear before overtaking and need more acceleration.

This page is aimed at drivers who already have some experience.

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Video on how to change gear smoothly

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Changing down gear smoothly

Changing down gear

What's the secret to changing down gear smoothly? Maintain light pressure on the accelerator pedal as you press the clutch down, change gear and then clutch up gently (or the car will jerk). Using the accelerator will raise your engine speed to match your road speed, ultimately giving you a jerk free gear change. In advanced driving this is called rev matching.

Depending on the situation, you might have to press the foot brake as you're changing down gear.

It takes a lot of time practicing to achieve a totally smooth drive with your braking, accelerating, steering and gear changes.

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