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Below is a GPS trail of someone who had taken their pracical driving test at West Wickham (Kent) test centre. It's to give you an idea of the distance and area that is covered during your driving test.

We tracked our car by GPS and recorded the progress. It shows a driving test which lasted approximately 37 minutes. The route included following a sat nav for approximately 20 minutes, some 40 mph roads and forward bay parking.

Our pupil passed the driving test first time with, amazingly zero faults!

To be a good, safe driver takes lot's of practise and as you've probably already heard, passing your driving test REALLY is just the start. Gain experience on as many different roads as possible, at different times of the day and in varying weather conditions. Learn how to be a safe driver and not just how to pass the driving test.

Videos, giving you tips based on the West Wickham driving test routes are here!

Driving test results form Find out more about Independent Driving here

World Driving offers free mock driving tests (as part of your driving lesson) to make sure that you are completely prepared for the real driving test. We will also show you some of the more difficult parts of the test routes, giving you tips along the way. Call us today on 0208 6506153 or text 'lesson' to 07940 114260 for a call back.

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