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We understand that during your driving lessons, a lot of valuable time is spent at the side of the road discussing theory knowledge. But what if you already know the information? By taking our course, you'll impress your instructor, spend more time actually driving, and save time and money.

Our course has been carefully crafted by fully qualified and experienced driving instructors, who are committed to helping you become a safe and confident driver. Whether it's your first or tenth driving test, our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

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Module 1: Moving off / stopping & reversing

How to drive a manual car How to drive smoothly
Moving off & stopping Clutch control
How to steer a car How to avoid stalling
Clutch or brake first?
When to press the clutch Securely parking on a hill

Module 2: Gears

How to change gear When to change gear
Fast & smooth gear changes When to change gear on a hill

Module 3: Turns / junctions

Emerging & turning left Emerging & turning right
Primary & secondary traffic lights Yellow box junctions

Module 4: Hill starts

Hill starts
Hill starts at traffic lights
Clutch control in traffic uphill Emerging at an uphill junction

Module 5: Roundabouts

When to enter a roundabout
Changing gear on a roundabout Approaching a roundabout

Module 6: In car essentials

Dashboard warning lights Ignition key won't turn?
Adjusting the seat belt Filling the car with fuel

Module 7: Pedestrian crossings & bus lanes

Pedestrian crossings Bus lanes

Module 8: Meeting traffic & width of the car

Meeting traffic Width limits

Module 9: Dual carriageways & motorways

Dual carriageways Joining / leaving motorways
Overtaking on motorways

Module 10: Theory test

Theory test
Hazard perception
Mock theory tests

Module 11: Driving test

Driving test day
Driving test myths
Mock driving test videos Independent driving
Secret to passing driving test? Manoeuvres
Top 10 test faults
Examples of dangerous faults
Top 3 test tips from an examiner Show me, tell me questions
Show me, tell me quiz Results sheet
Impress the examiner

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