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Examples of dangerous faults on the driving test.

Have a look at the video below of Alexis taking her mock driving test. She's been learning to drive with a different driving school and has a driving test coming up soon despite only having 10 hours of driving lessons.

Alexis wants to do a mock driving test before the real one to see how ready she is. This will really show how independently she can drive without any help from her driving instructor.

Bear in mind that the examiner on your driving test might not think that every mistake you make is big enough for a fault.

The benefit of taking a mock driving test is to find out how ready you are to drive on your own and to experience driving test conditions. Learn from any mistakes and go on to pass the real driving test and be a safe driver.

Video of dangerous faults

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Thank-you Alexis!

We let Alexis have this filmed mock driving test experience for free. If you would like to know more about possibly taking a mock driving test for YouTube then have a look here.

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