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If you're learning to drive a manual / stick shift car and quite new to it then using clutch control at a junction on a hill can be a scary experience.

We have a look at how you can creep forward at a junction using clutch control, how to do a hill start and how to emerge.

Being confident with the biting point and how to creep forward is important before attempting this on a hill. It's best to practise on a quiet, flat road first with your driving instructor.

Once you have the biting point, you can lower the clutch about the thickness of a pound coin to slow down or raise it slightly to increase speed.

In the video below we'll show you how to use clutch control to emerge slowly at an uphill junction.

Video on how to do clutch control emerging at a junction uphill

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Timeline of the video:

1:05 Examples of using clutch control on a hill.
1:15 Creeping out at a junction.
1:35 Emerging left at a junction.
2:05 Importance of using the gas pedal.
2:30 Another example of clutch control at a junction.
2:55 Emerging right at a junction on a hill.
3:30 Emerging left at a junction on a hill.
4:17 Importance of using the parking brake on a hill.
4:43 Keep calm.

Clutch control in traffic uphill

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