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How to pull up on the left.

Are you feeling a bit apprehensive about pulling up on the left near the kerb? Especially with your upcoming driving test looming ahead? Don't worry, we're here to lend you a hand and ensure you're fully prepared for the challenge.

We'll be using a handy reference point to ensure accuracy each time. This isn't just about parking near the kerb; it's about honing an essential skill that you'll be asked to demonstrate repeatedly during your driving test.

You don't want to hit the kerb or be too far away from it either.

Whether you're pulling over to let someone hop out or simply taking a moment to pause, mastering this technique is key to safe and confident driving. Keep in mind that the reference point we'll be showing you may vary slightly depending on factors like your height, seat position, and the vehicle you're driving.

How to pull up on the left video.

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